New School Year New Inspiration

It's going to be an exciting 2017 as I'm organising to take the Being You is Enough presentation to as many schools as I can with the aim of inspiring as many kids as possible. I finished last year with an epic trip to South Hedland Primary, a remote aboriginal community and Norseman High School / Primary School in only 3 days and to see the inspiration on the faces of the kids was just incredible.

I'm now putting the invitation out to all primary schools, if they want an incursion then get in contact with me directly  and  we can work out a date and time.

You can read more about the presentation here: Being You is Enough

Lou Louszal Review of Being You is Enough

“BEING YOU IS ENOUGH’ by Josh Langley

I received a free copy of this colourful book from Big Sky Publishing, so thanks a lot. I immediately know I would keep it in the library in my classroom. It’s a great book to bring out and read to children from pre-school to mid-primary. Kids will want to get their hands on it as soon as possible too, I foresee.
It’s very simple, very bright and very communicative. It covers a plethora of bad days and emotional difficulties kids are daily subjected to, while it teaches them to be brave, hopeful, wise, imperfect and caring. it encourages children to feel they are acceptable and cared for and ultimately much loved. ‘Being You Is Enough’ is a much simplified message of the type of encouragement usually found in Dr Suess books, which I love. Well done Josh Langley.

Aussie Review for Being You is Enough

"The voice inside your head is
really a secret superpower!
If you listen, you can hear that
voice telling you all kinds of stuff.
There are some important things that every kids needs to know – like that the voice inside your ehad can be a really handy tool, even your best friend, and that you should be grateful for the good stuff in your life.
In Being You is Enough: And Other Important Stuff, author/illustrator Josh Langley shares eleven things that kids should know, each a life- affirming message spelt out in simple ways and accompanied with cartoon style illustrations.
Gently humorous but with a lovely message of self-acceptance, Being You is Enough: And Other Important Stuff is suitable for primary aged children.
Being You is Enough: And Other Important Stuff, by Josh Langley
Big Sky Publishing, 2016
ISBN 9781925275827"
Review from Aussie Reviews

Yarloop School Incursion

Geraldton Schools visit

I took a trip back to my old home town of Geraldton and dropped in on a couple schools to do a few Being You is Enough presentations.

I was the first person to present in Wandina's new library!

The kids at Rangeway Primary has some wild imaginations!

I finished off the visit with an author signing at Read a lot Books.
 And below is an article featured in the local newspaper, the Geraldton Guardian.

Yakamia Primary School Visit

Last Friday I spent the day at Yakamia Primary School in Albany talking to grade 4s, 5s and 6s about Being You is Enough and I think the message of the book is now more important than ever. The kids seem to lap it up and enjoy the interaction. Plus the teachers and library staff were amazing, so a big thank you to everyone.


Book week

Last week was book week where kids across Australia dress as their favourite character from a book and I was blown away when my niece Alex dressed at 'Super Girl' from Being You Is Enough!
Proud uncle moment.

Boomerang Books Review

"Josh Langley produces a number of inspirational, aphorism-infused illustrated books but I especially warmed to this recent release aimed fair and square at primary aged readers. It contains ‘all the important stuff a kid should know…’ conveniently listed from 1 to 11. Loud, bold, and just a little bit irreverent, Langley encourages youngsters to recognise and listen to their own superpower, the voice in their heads.  This voice can mislead you but also be your best friend and guide you to other awesome thoughts.  He goes on to reveal ways to combat angry feelings, bad thoughts, and many other internal conflicts common to young kids.
There is no sugar coating the message here, the advice is simply described and plainly delivered. This honest and straightforward approach will appeal to under 10-year-olds and frankly anyone else who is suffering from a touch of self-doubt. Langley’s line illustrations are the perfect accompaniment to his affirmations, quirky and kid-like, again bursting with appeal.
Being You is Enough is a terrific green light of a book to strengthen kids’ self-awareness, acknowledge their need to ride unicorns and reinforce the understanding that they are loved and never alone. A must read, wonderful bunch of little miracles between two covers."