I'm pretty stoked that I can now share some of the Frog cartoons with you, by allowing people buy prints on line. You can have them as gift cards, Framed prints, mounted etc.

T shirts will be coming very soon, including a kids range.

I've only got a few 'toons up at the moment, but i'll be adding lots more shortly.

Just go here: Frog and The Well Online shop


  1. *Like!* I especially love the synchronicity and chakra (rainbow) cartoons. Lovely! Do you know if the T-shirts are made with organic cotton?

  2. Holly,

    The T shirts, will most probably not be organic at this stage, due to costings, but in the future they maybe. It'll be depneding on how much people want to pay for organic.

    Over then next few days I'll be adding more 'toons to the greeting card range including your wonderful suggestions.