The marketing train is about to leave the station

Just had the first marketing conference call with Diane and Sharon from Big Sky Publishing about Unconventional Happiness and I'd thought it would be cool to share the publicity and marketing journey with the big frog family.

I only started drawing cartoons in November last year, so it's coming up for the 1st anniversary of the Frog and the Well and 5 months after that first cartoon, I signed a book contract for a series of books. Now a year from drawing the first cartoon, the book is about to be available to buy. I still can't believe everything just seemed to flow.

This is all new stuff to me and the promotion of the book seems pretty daunting yet at the same time very exciting. As people know I love an adventure and this is surely going to be an interesting one. I feel the world right now needs a motivational and inspirational book like Frog and The Well - Unconventional Happiness, particularly because it invites you to smile and look differently at yourself and at the world.

Unconventional Happiness should be available on line by the end of November (E-Book and Hardcover) and in stores in Australia by March 2012.

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