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Book review: Finding happiness in the absurd - Post Script magazine
Only just into the start of the year and already feeling run down, or need something to make you smile and blow away the cobwebs? Well, if that’s you then you may enjoy this little cartoon book by Josh Langley.

Called The Frog and the Well, Unconventional Happiness, it celebrates the absurdities in life with a mix of uplifting and quirky cartoons quite reminiscent of Michael Leunig.

The book combines the self-help, spiritual nature of Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay and Eckhart Tolle with the simplicity of stick figure cartoons that are both beguiling and emotive.

Inspired by the Buddhist fable about the Frog and the Well that encourages people to think outside the square, Josh created the Frog to spread the message about happiness.
For example, one cartoon says ‘Happiness is not needing or wanting to be right’, or,’If we spoke to our friends like we speak to ourselves, we’d be friendless!’ And how about: ‘We tend to stick to what’s familiar but that isn’t always best for us. You have to say goodbye to old friends eventually.’

These cartoons are not twee, and although they didn’t have me falling over laughing, they did bring a smile to my face.

The Frog and the Well, Unconventional Happiness, is published by Big Sky Publishing $14.99
Reviewed by: Janet

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