Get Nude!

Get Nude!

Once we realise that being ashamed of being naked or instantly equating nakedness with sexuality, is a result of someone else’s prudish views or religious indoctrination, we can see the body for what it is.

It’s just a body and it’s all yours and no-one else’s.

There are so many people who are uncomfortable being naked just by themselves let along in front of someone else (and there are many and varied reasons for this) and unfortunately this creates  a heaviness, a constricted and tightening of emotion and energy. It’s closes us down to ourselves and others.

There is no valid reason why we should feel bad about our body image; it’s all a result of someone else’s opinion based on fear, greed or insecurity.

So let’s claim our little, chubby, skinny, wrinkly, scarred, hairy bodies back!

1.      Avoid comparing yourself to others.

2.      Avoid judging other people’s bodies.

3.      Throw away those magazines that say you should look a particular way, they only do that so they can sell advertising and make money from your insecurities.

4.      When no-one is at home, get nude and avoid judging yourself. Don’t say anything, just be with your nakedness.

One thing to always remember about anything in life is to be gentle on yourself and gentle on others. Happy nude times!

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