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Trusting the Universe to a Frog

As I walked out of my local bookshop I took a quick glance back at the counter and said to myself, “My cartoon book is going to be on display there soon”. Three months later, there it was, not exactly where I had visualized it, but it was pretty close; it was on the left of the counter instead of the right!
Let’s go back 12 months, to when I couldn’t draw cartoons, let alone have the time to learn, as I was in the middle of researching another book on the evidence of the afterlife (a topic I was a little obsessed with). I had already spent ages on the book, which seemed to be changing concept every two weeks, and in frustration, I shelved it. One fine day, I decided to experience a past life regression as part of my research and to try and feel re-inspired to continue what I had started.
The experience itself was extremely interesting, but it’s what happened afterward that had me going into one of the biggest learning experiences in my short 40 years.
Out of nowhere, I started to draw little stick figure cartoons and adding gentle wisdom, or not-so-gentle wisdom, in the form of captions and quotes. I immediately wanted to share this and see the reaction from readers, so I started a blog and Facebook page. People started to connect straight away.
Without hesitating, I knew this was going to be a published book, I just didn’t know how, why or when. I had previously read books like the The Secret to Eckhart Tolle and everything in between — now was the chance to see if any of it had sunk in. We all know reading about something is not the same as putting what you’ve learned into practice.
Fortunately, because I didn’t know any published authors, there was no one to tell me how difficult this task could be, so that made it a little easier as I didn’t have someone else’s belief system holding me back. So I did the research, created submissions and sent them off. When the first rejection came through, I laughed and celebrated with a glass of champagne. I had gone from never imagining myself as an author, to now becoming a “rejected author” – what a great first step! When the second rejection came via email, I took the initiative to re-assess my pitch; after the third and fourth rejection, I decided to refine my strategy and it paid off. By the fifth publisher I had received “The Phone Call”.
Josh, we’re interested in publishing your book, Frog and The Well” – was the message that Diane Evans from Big Sky Publishing left on my voice mail. It left me shaking.
I had drawn the first cartoon on my computer on the 11th of November 2010 and the book was released online just over a year later on the 15th of November 2011.
It didn’t all happen by magic though. I helped make it happen by accepting rejection, forcing myself to be flexible with my views, and doing what I could to ensure that my vision back in the bookstore would become a reality. Underlying all this was my optimism and unshakable belief that MY book was good enough to be published – that’s where the secret lay. I also discovered an important lesson, that the book had a life of its own. I didn’t have to force it too much, otherwise I would get stonewalled and nothing would happen – like my book on the afterlife, which I tried so hard to force out of me. The trick lies in understanding the creative process, which says that once you create something and nurture it with a gentle supportive hand, give thanks and then walk away, and let the universe take over from there.
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