New frog book and the inspiration behind it.

The creative process can start off messy at times and you have no idea of where it’s going and you have to just let go trust that it’ll end up somewhere coherent.

This is what’s happening with the second frog book, it started out as a solid concept in my mind, and then it started to come apart at the seams and coalesce into something entirely different. It was like a quiet hand from somewhere was guiding me and gently revealing a new path to take.  

Then bang, the inspiration came charging through like a racehorse and even though I’m only halfway through creating the new book, something deeply resonated about the new theme and angle.  There was something strangely familiar, yet from where? Why did the title ring so true?

This is what I love about the Frog, he takes me where even I don’t know where I’m going let alone you!

Hopefully the new book (loosely titled ‘Follow your heart’) will be out by Christmas

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