Embracing Emotions

I wrote this piece for http://www.finerminds.com/ after dropping my partner off at hospital a couple of months ago and noticed how I was avoiding facing some of the emotions I was feeling and knew that it was this resistance that was preventing me from being present and living a full life.

Embrace Your Emotions To Discover Your Life Purpose

Embrace your emotions

Just maybe, your life purpose isn’t to heal the sick, to make a million dollars and share it with the poor or to find a soul mate and sail the Indian Ocean.

Just maybe your life purpose, is something closer to home, maybe it is to feel melancholy or to feel the warmth of someone’s love.

Just maybe it’s to feel the pain and hurt of rejection or the confusion and angst of not knowing what your life purpose is. Maybe it’s to feel the dizzying highs of falling in love or seeing the joy in a child’s eyes when you hand them back the ball that got kicked over your fence.

Just maybe your life purpose is to feel and feel deeply.......

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