The importance of rest and dreaming

I find that this time of the year my body just wants to stop and I'm slowly learning to listen it. It's OK to take an afternoon nap or get a good night's sleep, it's how the body regenerates and releases tension and toxins built up over the 12 months. If we just keep on going, going and going our body is going to force us to stop and it won't be pretty.
The other important part is to give your mind a rest too and I'm finding that's the biggest challenge. Normally I've got a head jammed full of ideas and lists of things to do but I'm learning to put the ideas in a box (so i can get them later) and write the lists down and then decide if I really need to tick them off. Usually it's a list of 'shoulds' instead of 'i would really love to do this or that'. I spend so much time stressing over the 'shoulds' I forget to enjoy myself and do things I actually like doing.
One of things I do love doing at this time of the year is dreaming. That could be dreaming of what things I want to achieve and shaping what my 2013 will look like. I find inspiration everywhere from certain  magazines, books, going to the beach, taking a walk in nature, swinging in a hammock and also meditation. I love flicking through a big glossy book on beach houses or bush cabins and having long converations with my partner and friends over a glass of wine in the courtyard.
It's about giving yourself permission to let the 'shoulds' go and immerse in the daydreaming that needs to happen if you want to start the new year fresh.
You are just as important as anyone else and when you treat yourself accordingly, you'll bring happiness to others too.

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