A little story about why...

A little story...

When I was in my early 20’s, trying to find my way in the world, I told the wife of my boss at the time that I wanted to be successful in some way and she tossed her head back laughed and said I’ll never amount to anything so there’s no point trying.

It felt like she had punched me in the stomach and it hurt deeply, but strangely enough I didn’t hate her, I only felt pity. Of... course there was a bit of the ‘let me show you lady’ and that gave me the motivation when I needed to achieve something.

So whenever I got nominated or won a radio writing award, I used to think of her comments. When I took the risk to quit a secure job to start my own business, her words would come to mind and as signed copies of my the Frog and The Well books, I’d wonder what she is doing now.

I know how much words like that can hurt and crush a person’s dreams and self esteem, so I’ve made it my life’s work to inspire and support people wherever I can and Follow Your Heart is part of that ongoing journey.

Paradoxically, without her saying what she did all those years ago, I wouldn’t be inspired to do what I do now. Everything happens for a reason, we just don’t know what it’s for at the time.

Follow your heart, even if you don't know where it's taking you.

Josh (the frog)

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