Guest reviewer for Follow Your Heart

I was very fortunate to have a review of Follow Your Heart written by fellow writer and creative type, Gemma Boyd. She's also an accomplished musician and poet and one those inspirational people who is living proof you can live the 'artists way' and be happy.

The train was delayed, meaning that I was going to be late for work. I picked up ‘Follow Your Heart,’ by ‘Frog and the Well’ writer and illustrator, Josh Langley; the sequel to his acclaimed book, ‘Unconventional Happiness.’

This sunny book contains Langley’s poignant and strikingly simple cartoon stick men, which complement neighbouring bite-size nuggets of wisdom for the overworked and stressed among us, perfectly. Upbeat and down-to-earth in tone, I got the impression that Langley wrote this from a position of having experienced life from many different angles.

We are gently reminded throughout, of Langley’s inspirational ‘follow your heart’ philosophy, aided by repetition of imagery and the statement at the end, “Feel with your heart. / Think with your heart. / Love with your heart.”

Our being a part of nature is emphasized and celebrated here, too, making this a book of our time, as increasingly, we struggle to save planet Earth from our own destructive behaviour.

‘Follow Your Heart’ is truly for everyone, which is where its originality lies. I was particularly charmed by it being for people of all ages: “Everyone goes through an awkward stage, even supermodels,” is followed later on by the observation, “It does seem as we get older, the path of life needs more toilet stops.”

The layout is clear and well-thought-out; the table of contents being a profound statement in itself: “Love bravely … Think differently … Live fully.” A few syntactical errors were all that I stumbled over.

Feeling de-stressed, I eventually got off the train with the inspirational strapline on the back cover replaying in my mind: “Leading an extraordinary life can be as simple as listening to your heart,” and had already made a mental note of who I am going to give a copy of ‘Follow Your Heart’ to, for Christmas.

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