Follow Your Heart - Everyday Wisdom for an Extraordinary Life

"A fun and delightful read" - 4 out of 5 Good Reading Magazine
'"It's a book to inspire anybody from 0 to 101"


Follow Your Heart – Everyday Wisdom for an Extraordinary Life calls on us to really ask the question “Are we really living the life we want?” Luckily the answer isn’t that scary and learning to follow your heart isn’t that hard either.
With 112 pages of illustrations and inspirational quotes to guide you through the process of uncovering your hearts passion, this book gives your license to be who you want to be. Dance a like a free range chicken, hug a rainbow, dream really big and unleash your imagination are some of the pearls of everyday wisdom that puts you on the path to following your heart.

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Follow Your Heart makes for a perfect corporate gift for staff and customers.


Good Reading Magazine April 2013.

After his –acclaimed book about happiness, Frog and the Well, author and illustrator Josh Langley has delivered this wonderful follow-up, Follow Your Heart: Everyday wisdom for an extraordinary life. This is laugh-out-loud reading that will also tug at your heartstrings. Langley reignites inspirational literature with his profound messages of listening to your heart, following your dreams and being grateful for what you already have in life.

 The book is bigger than the usual pocket-sized inspirational gift book, but this highlights the book's bold theme and its large, full-colour illustrations. Langley has said that his illustrations tend to want to be created, and I loved the combination of surprise, delight, and meaning in each of his charming, cheeky and humorous drawings. After enjoying this book of the wisdom of the heart rather than the head, I can only look forward to what the author will offer us next. (I'm hoping that the frog in Langley's first book will make a re-appearance!).

 I urge you to keep Follow Your Heart close at hand during your everyday activities, as a persistent reminder to listen to your heart's passion and to live an extraordinary life. You'll enjoy reading this book for yourself, but it would also be great to give to a loved one to inspire them to get out there and live to their heart's content. A fun and delightful read.

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Reviewed by Fotini Dangiris

Guest Reviewer: Poet, Musician and writer, Gemma Boyd
The train was delayed, meaning that I was going to be late for work. I picked up ‘Follow Your Heart,’ by ‘Frog and the Well’ writer and illustrator, Josh Langley; the sequel to his acclaimed book, ‘Unconventional Happiness.’
This sunny book contains Langley’s poignant and strikingly simple cartoon stick men, which complement neighbouring bite-size nuggets of wisdom for the overworked and stressed among us, perfectly. Upbeat and down-to-earth in tone, I got the impression that Langley wrote this from a position of having experienced life from many different angles.
We are gently reminded throughout, of Langley’s inspirational ‘follow your heart’ philosophy, aided by repetition of imagery and the statement at the end, “Feel with your heart. / Think with your heart. / Love with your heart.” 
Our being a part of nature is emphasized and celebrated here, too, making this a book of our time, as increasingly, we struggle to save planet Earth from our own destructive behaviour.

‘Follow Your Heart’ is truly for everyone, which is where its originality lies. I was particularly charmed by it being for people of all ages: “Everyone goes through an awkward stage, even supermodels,” is followed later on by the observation, “It does seem as we get older, the path of life needs more toilet stops.”
The layout is clear and well-thought-out; the table of contents being a profound statement in itself: “Love bravely … Think differently … Live fully.” A few syntactical errors were all that I stumbled over.

Feeling de-stressed, I eventually got off the train with the inspirational strapline on the back cover replaying in my mind: “Leading an extraordinary life can be as simple as listening to your heart,” and had already made a mental note of who I am going to give a copy of ‘Follow Your Heart’ to, for Christmas.



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