Loving the shitbags

This was a cartoon that didn't make the final cut of the published version of Follow Your Heart however something about it resonated with me and I knew I had to put some words to it anyway. It got me thinking about bullies and how they can cause so much emotional and physical pain to people, especially young people, and I've had had the thought for a long time that if a kid grew up knowing they were loved and wanted, they'd be less likely to want to cause harm to others.
That's my rather simplistic and optimistic view, a thought bubble from my hopeful mind.
Everyone needs to know they are loved and wanted, even the cheeky, playful, shit bags out there, because if they don't feel wanted, they'll feel disconnected and probably turn into even worse horrible little shit bags that cause heaps more trouble and you can imagine where that leads.
However this many be easier said than done.

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