How to get started doing what you really want.

I hear so many people say, ‘how do I get started?’ and I always say the same thing, just do something. Whatever it is, draw, write, paint etc, you have to start somewhere and wherever you are right at that point, is the best place.
Don’t wait for something amazing to happen or for someone else to give you permission to start, you have to do it yourself.
Use a notepad. Just draw. I was never trained in art so I’ve had to teach myself and thus developed my own unique style of illustration.  But I didn’t let my lack of ability hold me back.

Write something on the computer even if it seems lame. Just write.
Just write. Just write.

Don’t believe anyone who says that you can’t try something.
Let go of perfection. If you want things to be perfect straight away, you’ll never get anywhere. Think of whatever you do as having a first draft because that frees you up to just get your ideas out of your head and on to paper and from there you can refine it before it goes public.

Just start wherever you are as it then sends a signal to yourself and the world that you’re ready to take it seriously, (but in a not too serious manner)!

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