Being You is Enough promotional tour... V2.

Being busy sharing the love over the last few weeks on the Being You is Enough Promotional tour.


Signed some books at the local book store.

Dropped by to chat to the kids and adults at Greenbushes Community Resources Centre.

To know you’re made an impact on someone’s life is incredible and so to highlight this, I received a thankyou card from 5 year old Oliver and his favourite saying now is ‘Go hug the cat’!
A signed copy of Being You is Enough went under the hammer at the Art Fundraiser to raise money for the Save The Acadia Forest. To say I was a little nervous was an understatement, but when the bidding finally began it went from $30 to $100 in seconds!

While I remember, you can get a signed copy of Being You is Enough by emailing me at
I’m truly blessed to be on this wonderful journey and to be able to share such as important message is something I’ll always be grateful for.


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