Aussie Review for Being You is Enough

"The voice inside your head is
really a secret superpower!
If you listen, you can hear that
voice telling you all kinds of stuff.
There are some important things that every kids needs to know – like that the voice inside your ehad can be a really handy tool, even your best friend, and that you should be grateful for the good stuff in your life.
In Being You is Enough: And Other Important Stuff, author/illustrator Josh Langley shares eleven things that kids should know, each a life- affirming message spelt out in simple ways and accompanied with cartoon style illustrations.
Gently humorous but with a lovely message of self-acceptance, Being You is Enough: And Other Important Stuff is suitable for primary aged children.
Being You is Enough: And Other Important Stuff, by Josh Langley
Big Sky Publishing, 2016
ISBN 9781925275827"
Review from Aussie Reviews

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