Lou Louszal Review of Being You is Enough

“BEING YOU IS ENOUGH’ by Josh Langley

I received a free copy of this colourful book from Big Sky Publishing, so thanks a lot. I immediately know I would keep it in the library in my classroom. It’s a great book to bring out and read to children from pre-school to mid-primary. Kids will want to get their hands on it as soon as possible too, I foresee.
It’s very simple, very bright and very communicative. It covers a plethora of bad days and emotional difficulties kids are daily subjected to, while it teaches them to be brave, hopeful, wise, imperfect and caring. it encourages children to feel they are acceptable and cared for and ultimately much loved. ‘Being You Is Enough’ is a much simplified message of the type of encouragement usually found in Dr Suess books, which I love. Well done Josh Langley.

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