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"Just wanted to congratulate you on a wonderful book I thoroughly enjoyed its simplicity and humour. In fact its the best one I have ever seen on self esteem subjects for the kids." - Sylvia
"You have already made a big difference to a little boy's life." - Kathy

“Such a wonderful, inspiring book! Love it!” – Joanne

  "I got 6 copies but I may need to get more.  I've given one each to my kids (who are all young adults) and told them that if it had been available when they were kids I would have given it to them then) and my 2 grandchildren and a copy for my friends little boy who is struggling a bit." - June 

"We gave it to our 6 year old. He read it out loud to me...and I cried because I'm old enough to know I know nothing and to need to be reminded I'm enough, more than ever! Xxx” – Georgia

"Megan loved the book, we read it together, I have had reports from her Mum that the book is beside her bed, and she is really chuffed that she has a autographed book, thanks so much." -

“My daughter has suffered from low self esteem since becoming a teenager and she was crying reading it” - Louise

Ask for Being You Is Enough at your local Bookshop: ie Dymocks, Angus and Robertson, Mary Ryan etc.
Or buy direct from Josh for your own signed copy. Email Josh@outsidecreative.com.au

Being You Is Enough is the perfect antidote for the pressures of being a kid in this day and age. This entertaining and refreshing book that will inspire kids be themselves and stand up tall. This bright, fun book uses simple messages and quirky illustrations to encourage kids to celebrate themselves for who they are. 

Kids will love the easy, upbeat style delivering deeper messages about self-acceptance, positive thinking and friendship that every child needs to feel strong, happy and confident. This is the perfect conversation starter for parents, teachers or children on the issues that children may be facing or trying really hard to avoid!

Josh uses charming, cheeky and humorous drawings and messages to touch on topics such as: 

  • You don't need to fit in. 
  • No-one is perfect 
  • Everyone makes mistakes
  • Always dream big.  
  • You are not alone.  
  • You are loved.

Within the pages kids will revel in the serious and silly - and - discover the importance of being brave, confident and proud - even if that doesn't fit everyone's idea of perfect. This perfect pick me-up book will appeal to children aged from 6 years up to middle primary. But kids and adults of all ages will love
"it’s a lovely book about self-esteem and being happy about being yourself”

“it’s a must for any kid to have by their bed to read either when they are happy or when they are feeling down or frustrated. It’s also a great tool for parents and teachers to help them deal with helping kids and reminding kids about the positives in their lives.”
“It’s never too early to remind kids about these things. As adults we often forget or can focus on the negatives because of possible indoctrination of negatives in our younger lives so if we can start early with all this type of positive affirmation and immerse kids in the positives and give them tools to cope through life, then they have a much better chance of growing up as a strong, independent, stable, well-adjusted, confident, optimistic adults! And this book helps to do just that!”

Ask for Being You is Enough at your local Bookshop: ie Dymocks, Angus and Robertson, Mary Ryan etc.
and other onlines store.  

It's also available at Big Sky Publishing and at Red Gum Book Club 

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