What people are saying about Being You is Enough.

"I ordered your book Being you is enough for my 4 year old grand daughter and my daughter and I just had to tell you what a wonderful book it is!!!!! It is beautifully written and illustrated and you must be so proud of yourself for producing such great book with so much relevance in today's world" - Louise

“My daughter has suffered from low self esteem since becoming a teenager and she was crying reading it” - Louise

“Dear Josh Langley - here is Leo my 13 year old reading the copy of your book that I bought online because I think it is such an important message . Being 13 he already knew everything...so we passed it on to his 11 year old brother who also knew everything...ao we gave it to our favourite 6 year. He read it out loud to me...and I cried because I'm old enough to know I know nothing and to need to be reminded I'm enough, more than ever! Xxx” – Georgia Rogers.

“Such a wonderful, inspiring book! Love it!” – Joanne

“Just wanted to let you know that I just read your book today and I think it is AWESOME!  You must have put so much care and thought into it to have been able to include all the really important things kids need to know growing up!  And the illustrations were so real and relatable for children but cute for adults.  I got 6 copies but I may need to get more.  I've given one each to my kids (who are all young adults) and told them that if it had been available when they were kids I would have given it to them then) and my 2 grandchildren and a copy for my friends little boy who is struggling a bit.    Might have to get myself and autographed copy somewhere along the line!” June.

 “Hi Josh, just thought I'd let you know that I have bought your book "Being you is enough ". I know it's meant for little kids but big kids can get a lot out of it too! So thank you.  The youngest child, Billy, is 9 and struggles a lot with having 3 strong minded big sisters, and a strong mum and dad, who are all besotted with horses and sport.  Tom is gentler and quieter and prefers reading and building Lego and creating cartoons.  He's having issues at school too. I shared your book with him - he just looks loves it, loves your cartoons, loves the "important stuff", and particularly loves the "even cool kids have to poo". He was so enchanted that he looked you up on the Internet!  So you have another fan, and you have already made a big difference to a little boy's life.  Bless you Josh!
Just wanted to congratulate you on a wonderful book I thoroughly enjoyed its simplicity and humour. In fact its the best one I have ever seen on self esteem subjects for the kids. Megan loved the book, we read it together, and its "really cool" that I know a author. I have had reports from he Mum that the book is beside her bed, and she is really chuffed that she has a autographed book, thanks so much. Manage to show couple adults the book and gave them your business card so you may get a few more orders hopefully. – Sylvia

Thank you Josh Langley your book made me smile, raised a tear or two and most definitely had me laughing out loud. If you have children or grandchildren or just for the child within us all, I highly recommend this beautiful book written by a man with a beautiful soul and a quirky irreverent sense of humour. I know this is a book I'll be reading to Annalise & Elijah again & again & again xxx – Sharlene.

"Josh we saw you at the Brunswick Swams playgroup and my daughter just loves her book (she's three) as we progress thru the chapters she's now recognising the numbers and saying them aloud. She also said to her sister being you is enough! Your book makes her little mind think, she keeps her listening the entire book, makes her laugh (poo!!) and I just wanted you to know how much she loves your book, thank you!"

“A tale in diversity & individualism. It's OK to feel & be different. Ideal for classroom reading.” Get Ahead Kids 

What a great book to help children get through the feeling of being different. It explains to children that they need to feel comfortable with who they are and not to try to change to fit into the mould that everyone wants them to fit into. I don't have little children, but I can't wait to someday read this to my grandchildren. - Barbara


“The book was absolutely lovely. I had no expectations, nor did I even know what it was going to be about.  I read it with my daughter, the day before her 7th birthday. It's message was perfect with perfect timing. She has been carrying it around and reading snippets to her 3 year old brother. Thank you -  Kate

Any book that mentions poo is pretty much guaranteed that kids are going to love. As I often say to my class when someone lets one go and they all point fingers at the offender: 'Everybody farts'. And everybody poos. Great to have it put in that perspective and to have kids see that no one is any better - or worse - than they are. They are just as equal as the coolest kid in the school.

Particularly loved the pages that mention having real friends instead of lots of half friends, and the power of dreaming and self-belief. Some wonderfully, powerfully positive things in here that are great for kids to know and believe in, and for us, the adults, to be reminded of.

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I received a free copy of this colourful book from Big Sky Publishing, so thanks a lot. I immediately know I would keep it in the library in my classroom. It's a great book to bring out and read to children from pre-school to mid-primary.

Kids will want to get their hands on it as soon as possible too, I foresee.
It's very simple, very bright and very communicative.
It covers a plethora of bad days and emotional difficulties kids are daily subjected to, while it teaches them to be brave, hopeful, wise, imperfect and caring. it encourages children to feel they are acceptable and cared for and ultimately much loved. 'Being You Is Enough' is a much simplified message of the type of encouragement usually found in Dr Suess books, which I love. Well done Josh Langley - Lou Lou

I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The book is well presented with lovely illustrations and lots of bright colours. The one sentence per page is good too. However it is too long for the age group of children it is aimed at. I read the book to a young family friend and she started telling me it was "too long" by point 5. As most of the points also really need further discussion due to their important and complex meaning it would probably be best read one chapter at a time. A guide to help parents reading the book with their children would also be helpful to facilitate discussion. - jo

Firstly I would like to thank the publishers for gifting me a copy of this lovely book.
Super cute! I love that is filled with bright colours, which keeps the young reader engaged while also projecting a positive and powerful message. It is so important for our kids to know that they are enough just as they are. They don’t need to look a certain way or be super cool; they are loved just as they are. I like that the illustrations are a little child-like, this makes it really appealing to most littlies. I know my nieces are going to love this little gem - Roxy

 Wow what a book. Josh Langley you have written the most up lifting and inspirational book that every school should have copies of and every parent should have in their home. This book is all about letting a child know that it is ok to be you and that you are special and loved and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.  I can't find the words to give the praise I want to this book - Ann-Marie rated it as amazing
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